Students are whole individuals with unique strengths, desires, and needs.

The KIS student support program meets each student as they are, empowering academic learning and social emotional growth. KIS accommodates a student’s learning support plan (LSP). Student support faculty partner with parents, caregivers, and students to ensure optimal learning.



KIS values the linguistic, cultural and social assets each student brings to the classroom. English as an Additional Language (EAL) program provides inclusive and equitable English support for multilingual students. A language history survey and WIDA testing inform intervention.

At KIS we believe that all teachers are language teachers. Our EAL faculty partner with classroom teachers to meet the needs of our English language learners.

Our EAL department includes William Arnold, Jessica Bowden, Anita Pusztay, and Molly Wellner.

Learning Support

At KIS, we offer a multi-tier system of support providing universal, targeted, and intensive support. Universal support at the classroom level is important for all learners as teachers recognize and differentiate student needs. Targeted intervention addresses an individual student’s specific need through temporary scaffolding. Intensive intervention considers the value of a student receiving a learning support plan (LSP) to support their education.

Our learning support teachers collaborate with classroom teachers, co-teach, and lead small groups. We believe all students benefit from learning more about how learning works. Elementary and middle school intervention centers on students developing strategies to navigate their learning process. Meta-cognition empowers students to understand how their brain works. High school intervention includes planning for adulthood as students recognize what they need and learn to self-advocate.

Absolute to all learning support is encouraging students to persevere as they learn. KIS values the many ways we learn.

Our learning support team includes Claire Yujin Choi, Frances Giron, Chelsea Horsburgh, Heather Jones, Nathan Kellar, Sharon Lenson-Lee, Robin LoBello and Madeline Snedeker.


The PK-12 counseling program is a vital part of education at KIS. Our comprehensive counseling curriculum is designed to develop the wellbeing of the whole student.

Because KIS is an international school with a predictable transient student population, counselors are often the first connection new families and students have to KIS. Our counselors help integrate new students into the learning community. KIS counselors recognize and celebrate the cross cultural experience at KIS and believe cultural competency enhances student learning and peer relationships.

Social emotional learning is part of the academic day at KIS. Counselors coordinate with classroom teachers, collaborate with advisories, and work directly with students to educate the KIS community about important social and emotional skills. KIS counselors educate students to understand their own responses to situations and navigate relationships, empowering students to choose social emotional growth.

KIS counselors also support academic growth, advising students of learning opportunities at KIS. Counselors are invested in the outcomes of all students and appreciate the nuance of working with individual students and their families.

Our counselors are Becki Majors and Kelli Sureck in elementary, Monisha Agarwal in middle school, and Ronald Charrier, Jennifer Dorn, Yolanda Edwards, and Warren Lavender in high school.

College Counseling

KIS college counseling is part of a comprehensive high school counseling program. Our counselors endeavor to know each student well, to allow informed and personal advising throughout the high school career. Conversations center on academic and social growth, post-secondary or career goals, and life skills to equip students for adulthood. Compassion is essential to helping students make choices.

Counselors prepare students for the college application process including requisite testing and essay writing. KIS facilitates visits from universities and colleges from around the world and invites students to learn about future possibilities. KIS college counseling also invites parents or caregivers to join the process as all are invested in the wellbeing of our students.

Our college counselors are Ronald Charrier, Jennifer Dorn, Yolanda Edwards, and Warren Lavender.

School Psychologist

School psychologist Emily Evans serves KIS with a focus on both the whole school culture and PK-12 student needs. She coordinates with all student support faculty, collaborates with classroom teachers, and works with students in small group or individual sessions. The school psychologist also administers psycho-educational diagnostic tests and helps facilitate the creation and implementation of LSPs.


Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech and language pathologist Marie Henderson works with students PK-12 to address individual communication needs including developmental language disorders, articulation or speech sound, and speech and language challenges arising from diagnosed disabilities.

Speech and language support allow students to more fully access learning in the classroom. Spoken language skills transfer to reading and writing skills, building learning confidence and creating general gains in learning. Speech and language support also creates opportunities for students to communicate more clearly with peers, strengthening social-emotional wellbeing.