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Student Support

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Students are whole individuals with unique strengths, desires, and needs.

The KIS student support program meets each student as they are, empowering academic learning and social-emotional growth. KIS accommodates a student’s learning support plan (LSP). Student support faculty partner with parents, caregivers, and students to ensure optimal learning.


Student Support Services


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The PK-12 counseling program is a vital part of education at KIS. Our comprehensive counseling curriculum is designed to develop the well-being of the whole student.

Because KIS is an international school with a predictable transient student population, counselors are often the first connection new families and students have to KIS. Our counselors help integrate new students into the learning community. KIS counselors recognize and celebrate the cross cultural experience at KIS and believe cultural competency enhances student learning and peer relationships.

Social-emotional learning is part of the academic day at KIS. Counselors coordinate with classroom teachers, collaborate with advisories, and work directly with students to educate the KIS community about important social and emotional skills. KIS counselors educate students to understand their own responses to situations and navigate relationships, empowering students to choose social-emotional growth.

KIS counselors also support academic growth, advising students of learning opportunities at KIS. Counselors are invested in the outcomes of all students and appreciate the nuance of working with individual students and their families.