Welcome to our elementary school community! We love to learn together! Our teachers are passionate and creative, and our curriculum is top-notch, but what really sets KIS elementary school apart is our student body. Our kids come to school every day with a remarkable eagerness to learn and enthusiasm for the process.

We believe life is about learning. Because we want our students to experience an overlap of learning between each subject, we create transdisciplinary units centered on themes or questions. Fuller understanding is built as students connect the content areas of language arts, science, social studies, arts and design. Transdisciplinary units also allow for more questions and authentic learning detours, practices that enrich education.

We also believe learning is about application. Our students are equipped with the skills to learn independently and collaboratively, but we always want to stretch a little bit more and ask kids to apply their knowledge and skills to design, solve or create as they address contemporary issues and problems. Our aim is to make sure today's lesson matters today, connects to tomorrow, and charts ahead to future learning. What a task, to prepare kids for the horizon. And what a wild, fun way to learn!

Our elementary school atmosphere celebrates learning! We are quiet and loud as we learn. We laugh and wonder. We believe learning is fun and that's just the way we like it!

Best Regards,

Travis Peterson
Elementary School

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