Welcome to KIS Middle School! These three years are an important time for our students and we are proud to support their academic, social, and emotional growth. Our curriculum is designed for a depth of knowledge experience and our educators equip students to reflect on what and how they learn, building academic skills, and confidence. We encourage students to find inspiration in daily learning, and to develop their passions and interests beyond the classroom.

We are proud of our KIS Middle School community. Our students regularly meet in grade level advisory groups for a lesson or conversation centered on wellbeing, personal responsibility, or other topic. Our House Teams are multi-grade groups that promote whole school community through shared lunches, games, and pep rallies. Friendships and positive peer relationships are important to our students and so we structure our day to ensure all students have an opportunity to meaningfully connect with others.

Like during lunch. Lunch is my favorite time of the day - I tell teachers and students this, and I tell parents too. I love going to the cafeteria and seeing all our students! They know I'm around to talk about whatever they want to talk about, and I like to see and hear what the school is about during those thirty minutes. It's great! Each day I learn something new, and our educators are doing the same things at lunch, during passing periods, in the middle of a busy class.

We listen. So we give our students a choice. Our role as Middle School educators is often to coach students through a challenge or process and we witness tremendous academic and personal growth over the course of a school year. We are amazed by what our students bring to each day: the energy! New ideas and hopes, thoughtful leadership. We are proud of our students who show up each day ready to be fully part of our Middle School community, as learners, peers, and friends. And we are proud to welcome you.

Best Regards,

Jim Slaid
Middle School Principal

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