Welcome to the high school at KIS. This is a dynamic place where we welcome students and faculty from all over the world into our OneKIS community. From the moment our freshmen enter the high school, to the day they leave as graduates, we strive to support the unique talents and passions in all of our students. In our high school we believe that every student has their own personal path to success. Whether it is through challenging classes with consistent, rigorous, and relevant curriculum, student led clubs, varsity sports, our internationally recognized music program, extensive drama offerings, or any number of other programs offered at the high school, there are so many opportunities for our students to excel.

We believe that the application of learning is one of the most important skills for success in today's world. It is our hope that KIS graduates and alumni are able to take what they have learned in our classrooms and transfer it to other contexts outside of our school. To do this we are proud of the many applied learning opportunities integrated into every high school student's experience, such as our robust service learning program, independent autonomous time projects, and diverse field experiences. College and career readiness is a priority but most of all we want to prepare KIS students to go forward and solve real world problems and have a lasting impact on their wider community.

Looking forward to learning together!

Aimmie Kellar
High School

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