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Elementary School

Young boys and girls are outside, and one girl is pointing to a floating bubble.

KIS elementary school educates the whole child, appreciating the strengths and needs of our students. We believe that each day holds the potential for growth

Our student-centered approach guides teaching and learning. Our early childhood education program is play-based and conceptual, establishing a foundation of inquiry-based learning. We provide quality standards-based instruction, feedback, and assessment, differentiating to support student needs. Lower and upper elementary transdisciplinary units encourage students to connect with, apply, and extend their knowledge and skills.



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Our elementary students are provided opportunities to explore their passions and master skills needed to make sense of problems and persevere to solve them. We understand every child is unique and embrace our diverse community. What sets us apart is the energy and commitment of our students and staff as both learners and teachers.


Taryn Pereira

Taryn Pereira

Elementary School Principal


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Learning in Action

Tiny Plants, Big Ideas

To explore a small ecosystem, first grade gardeners planted and tended herbs. A cold snap interrupted plans to harvest a bountiful crop but the applied learning experience still prompted rich inquiry!


A young boy is peering through a semi-transparent wooden rectangle.


We value community! Our students intentionally open and close the school day in their classroom communities and we guide the development of social-emotional skills and healthy peer relationships. And we work with families to support the growth of each child. 

The location and design of our campus facilitates outdoor learning and nature education. Our co-curricular program invites students to explore their interests.





KIS Voices

Stefanie Nitta

Elementary School Technology Coach

Stefanie Nitta Elementary School Technology Coach.

“Everyone is learning,” says Stefanie, “including myself.” She believes that vulnerability is part of the learning process and that anyone can be an expert.

Read Stefanie’s Story

Stefanie Nitta thinks about what to learn next, guided by inquiry and possibility. An interest in science led her to study biology in university. Her high school PE teacher inspired Stefanie to pursue a teaching degree. When Stefanie could not find a teaching job at the secondary level, she accepted a classroom position in a Canadian elementary school where students asked as many questions about the world as she did. A few years later while teaching in Abu Dhabi, she earned a master’s degree in education technology.

At KIS, Stefanie is an elementary school technology coach who works with students and teachers to integrate technology into the classroom. She works with teachers to leverage technology to create differentiation in the learning and assessment process. She also believes that vulnerability is part of learning and that anyone can be an expert. “Everyone is learning,” she says, “including myself.” When Stefanie sees a student using an app or program she doesn’t know much about, she asks for a lesson. 

By modeling a willingness to learn, Stefanie empowers students to approach their own learning with humility and confidence. “Have a plan and take detours,” Stefanie says, a lesson from her many travels that also applies to the learning process. Intentional integration and spontaneous exploration keep elementary technology use authentic.

Marcus & Michael

Elementary School Students

Marcus & Michael Elementary School Students.

Both boys enjoy learning! Michael likes PE, art, and reading. Marcus explains that science class both creates and answers questions about how the world works.

Read Marcus & Michael’s Story

Brothers Marcus and Michael moved to Korea from Vietnam four years ago. Marcus remembers the challenge of making new friends and now appreciates how he can help others feel welcome at school. Because the KIS community is international, both boys have said hello and farewell to friends during their years here. Michael says his friends are the best part of his school day!

Both boys enjoy learning! Michael likes PE, art, and reading. Marcus explains that science class both creates and answers questions about how the world works. And PE lessons inspire play with friends too! “You learn the games and can play anytime,” says Marcus.

Michael adds that teachers at KIS are kind. When he has a question or needs help with an activity, his teachers listen and respond. Our student-centered culture supports all student growth!



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Grade 3 Campout
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Grade 3 Campout
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ES MAP Testing
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ES MAP Testing
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