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Applied Learning

A group of students is walking down the outdoor steps surrounded by trees and various plants.

KIS is an applied learning school that encourages students to design the future. Applied learning is relevant and authentic, engaging students and developing transferable knowledge and skills.

Applied learning happens everyday. Inquiry sparks application. Multidisciplinary collaboration teaches students to synthesize knowledge and transfer skills to new situations. The design thinking process – empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test – guides project-based learning to build capacity to focus, cooperate, fail, reflect, and adapt.

Our applied learning team collaborates with grade level and department teams to identify opportunities for students to apply learning in ways that align with our school mission and values.

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Learning in Action

Connecting Language and Culture

When students learn a new language, they learn a new culture too. In Rocio Martin’s elementary school Spanish classroom, she thinks about how to bring the culture of Spanish-speaking countries to her students. One way she connects the language and culture is through food.


A girl is tending to a red flower, attentively checking the soil.

Service and Sustainability

Our applied learning team also supports student initiatives that serve the school, local, national, and global communities – developing awareness of issues and problem-solving potential solutions. Student-led clubs, forums, youth philanthropy, and service projects empower students to understand the power of their ideas and action. Student internships and the Design Your Impact class offer high school students support and autonomy to explore interests and strengthen skills to meet needs. An emphasis on sustainability encourages students to plan forward.


A boy is holding a camera outside, preparing to take a picture.

Experiential Education

A celebrated component of our applied learning program is experiential education (EE). Beginning in grade four, students participate in day and overnight EE trips around Korea, inviting students to learn and play in a new environment. EE trips and class field trips build cultural competency, challenge individual growth, and nurture cooperation.


Girls and boys are walking in a line through an outdoor area surrounded by plants.

Outdoor Learning

The applied learning team is also committed to nature and outdoor education. Our campus is built into a hill with outdoor learning stations in the surrounding forest. Staff and students practice outdoor safety while exploring nature and developing an appreciation and respect for our environment.