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A group of young students is sitting on the floor while the teacher sits on a chair next to a girl. The girl is placing number cards on the calendar.

Wonder and curiosity spark inquiry-based learning at KIS. Clear standards-based feedback empower students to understand the purpose of rich tasks and how to think about their own growth. Transferable skills equip students with confidence in their ability to learn.Our students apply their learning, guided by design thinking. The process is as important as content knowledge and relevant skills – our students take risks and collaborate in a safe environment that allows for failure and revision that builds resilience. We celebrate both the grand and quiet ways students apply their learning, trusting that their practice at KIS prepares them to design the future. 

Learning is an act of inquiry that challenges an individual to think critically. Walk into a KIS classroom and you see engaged learners who are having fun, asking questions, creating, and exploring various possibilities.

Hilary Barron

Director of Teaching and Learning

Elementary School

A young boy is seated on the floor, actively engaged in drawing with markers and colored pencils.

KIS elementary school gives students a foundation of inquiry-based learning in a responsive environment. Our early childhood education program is play-based and conceptual, a natural introduction to the transdisciplinary learning that happens in lower and upper elementary grades.

Our Elementary School

Middle School

Three girls are walking up the outside stairs, their faces beaming with smiles.

KIS middle school creates space for students to explore who they are, connect with others, and build academic and social-emotional skills. Academic courses and co-curricular activities allow students to discover new interests. So much growth happens in the middle!

Our Middle School

High School

Three girls are strolling down the hall, with two of them walking side by side.

KIS high school empowers students to define success through different academic avenues and co-curricular activities. The high school offers a strong feedback-oriented, standards-based curriculum and AP courses. Autonomous, authentic learning opportunities are integral to student growth. 

Our High School




Teaching and Learning at KIS

KIS teachers are learners too. Routine grade level and department collaboration aligns courses and inspires multidisciplinary connections that benefit student learning. Our teaching and learning team provides rich, accessible opportunities for staff to refine their craft. Experienced, trained instructional coaches collaborate with teachers and offer resources to strengthen classroom teaching and learning. Edtech coaches also work with teachers to purposefully integrate technology and find solutions to technology questions. KIS empowers staff professional growth.

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A KIS teacher, wearing glasses and professional attire, is seen focused and looking forward.