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As a PK-12 institution, KIS is a rich environment with a dedication to the Applied Learning principles of relevance, transference, and holistic approaches to teaching and learning. With standards-based curricula and practices, KIS educators are committed to the backwards design lesson planning model, reflecting consistently on why we teach what we do in school. We work to scaffold our content across divisions and align our practice across grade levels by working together as teachers, coaches, and administrators. We work together as we reflect on pedagogy, collaborate in lesson planning, and find resources to create the best learning experience for the students at KIS.

At KIS, we endeavor to empower teachers and lift them up as we build a strong community of learners. It is an exciting time to be at KIS, and we are excited to have you here.

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Liz Cho
Principal of Teaching & Learning



The KIS experience centers on the philosophy that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow, academically and personally. We want to have fun learning too! Beginning in elementary school, our students are encouraged to try, take a risk, go for it! in their classwork, supported by educators who understand frustration and perseverance are as valuable to the learning process as inspiration. Our school provides safe ways for students to practice failure and enjoy accomplishment, emphasizing the relevance and application of content knowledge, skills or behaviors, and our KIS values. 

KIS structures community through elementary buddy classes, middle school house teams, and high school mentors. Each division also intentionally provides time for students to develop strong, supportive school relationships: morning meetings, recess and advisory periods, and grade-level autonomous blocks. We believe respectful relationships are foundational to the school day. KIS offers a rich selection of courses and co-curricular activities but the day is built first on our choice to empathize, include and encourage one another.

The elementary school has roots of traditional North American educational philosophy, aiming to provide a round experience of strong academics, quality extracurriculars and activities. KIS students develop confidence as problem solvers, decision makers, critical and creative thinkers. KIS students are challenged and supported through differentiated learning as they prepare for the continued rigor of Middle and High School. More, KIS students learn the fun of learning as they apply their knowledge to real-world questions and problems.

Extracurricular Activities

KIS offers sports and clubs throughout the year for pre-K through grade five students. Sports include soccer, basketball, cross country, swimming and cheerleading; seasons often conclude with a multi-school jamboree. After school clubs provide a number of options such as stop motion animation, forest free play, coding club and drumming. The PTO is an active part of the KIS community and routinely organizes special days or activities for elementary students.

Applied Learning

Applied learning integral to the KIS curriculum. At each grade level, students make sense of what they are learning by making connections to their own world. Makerspaces and design labs on campus also give students the chance to apply classroom learning. For example, grade four students learning about natural disasters design and test structural prototypes to see what it might take to survive a blizzard, tsunami or volcano.


Because KIS is diverse and growing, friendship matters. House Teams, composed of students from each grade level, bring a diverse group of students together to play and learn, along the way practicing collaboration and cooperation. Conversations about respectful and caring behavior equate to students who understand the value of including others, accepting differences and being kind.

The KIS middle school community recognizes the challenge and fun of the middle years. We meet our students with compassion and the commitment to provide a variety of learning opportunities that support individual, comprehensive education. We are proud of pioneering experiential education (EE), now an all school program, and our students enjoy participating in the single day and overnight trips. In the daily classroom, our students work within transdisciplinary units and use project-based learning to connect subject area content to real world interests.

Makers in the Middle

KIS students practice the Stanford Design Thinking model. Innovative courses such as robotics and engineering use the makerspace and other design labs to solve real-world problems. Teachers and students enjoy good resources and immediate applicability of their knowledge and skills.

Unlock your passion

KIS offers a variety of fine and performing arts electives including drama, stagecraft, band, orchestra, choir, 2D/3D art and creative writing. Students are able to register for multiple fine and performing arts subject areas to enhance their middle school education. Teachers recognize that student's new passions may lead to a lifelong art. KIS encourages and supports art on campus.

Culture of care

The student advisory program occurs within the school day three times per week. These sessions focus on building community, developing quality study habits, and teaching valuable leadership skills. The relationships established in an advisory group support individual students throughout the academic year. The practical skills developed carry into high school.

KIS High School prepares students for lifelong learning by offering a stimulating curriculum of arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, English, world languages, and physical education as well as over twenty AP classes, including Capstone Seminar and Research. Small class sizes and advisory groups allow for personalized attention at each grade level.

Building on Elementary and Middle School foundations, KIS encourages independent thinking in an environment that recognizes the necessity of interdependence. Experiential Education trips and a great selection of extracurriculars and activities create a vibrant community at KIS.

Supporting Autonomy

KIS provides a safe, encouraging environment for students to practice independence. Autonomous blocks are built into each student schedule, giving students the chance to manage their time and pursuits on campus. Students take initiative to create performances, presentations and programs, and find support from faculty and fellow students.

Preparing Citizens

At KIS we want our students to move through their world with compassion. High school students learn about global political, economic and social issues to recognize current need, justice and progress. To engender civic responsibility, KIS offers service volunteer opportunities such as teaching English to a variety of age groups, working with disabled persons, and caring for shelter animals - with an emphasis on sustainable, authentic and relationship-centered service.

College Counseling

Beginning in grade nine, students attend in workshops and forums establishing the importance of pursuing education after high school graduation. The KIS college counseling department works closely with students and parents throughout the college application process.

Learning At KIS

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