We are proud of our visual, music and performing arts curriculum and activities. Beginning in elementary school, our students learn the value of creative expression as the arts are part of each student’s class rotation. Our elementary arts educators often collaborate with classroom and specialist teachers to further establish the overlap of art in our daily life and learning. In middle and high school, further opportunities open for students to pursue art.

All students are encouraged to try something new, and many find the arts answer a desire to make and create.
The KIS visual arts program is structured to allow students to richly develop their craft with scaffolded courses and independent or AP portfolio work. In the music program, our students appreciate the elements of composition but also love the artistry of performance as they work through classic and contemporary pieces. And the KIS performing arts program is more a family than just cast and crew, with students practicing a range of roles as they produce plays, musicals, and concerts. KIS believes a strong arts program translates to students who are emotionally aware, expressive, empathetic, collaborative, and perhaps a little wild, willing to take a risk to show us something new.