Elementary after school activities

The elementary after school program offers a variety of teacher-led clubs focused on service and leadership, athletics and movement, and creativity and fun. All activities encourage social emotional wellbeing. Each trimester, students can choose two clubs to join. KIS encourages students to try something new - learning to knit, experiment in a science lab, hike and play in the KIS forest, develop environmental mindfulness, or create a board game. Weekend sport jamborees are another way elementary students can participate at KIS. Jamborees are open to any student on a first come basis. 

Middle school clubs

Middle school clubs give students the opportunity to explore new interests and grow their values and skills. Clubs meet midday - a pause to promote balance in life, develop relationships, and practice responsibility. At KIS we encourage students to invest in their interests. What students learn in the classroom may spark an idea for a club activity, and what students learn through club experiences carries into the classroom. 

High school clubs

The high school club block is designed to empower students. Each club is student organized and led to give students opportunities to invest in activities and causes important to them. With over fifty club choices available, all students find a good fit. Many high school clubs are social justice oriented or offer a service component. KIS students understand that awareness of an issue is important but how we respond matters more. 


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