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The Arts

KIS students are encouraged to try something new, and many find the arts answer a desire to make and create.

A woman with long hair facing forward, with her hair flowing behind her and a violin in hand.


The KIS music department fosters lifelong musical creativity and passion. Elementary music students respond to a range of engaging and exploratory music experiences. Secondary music students hone technical and creative skills, maturing as musicians. Large and small ensembles provide campus, regional and worldwide opportunities to forge intentional relationships through the language of music

A girl with colored nails using oil pastels to color on paper.

Visual Arts

The KIS visual arts department nurtures students to challenge themselves to think critically and communicate visually. Art students practice Studio Habits of Mind, developing an array of skills applicable to variety of contexts. This foundation allows steady practice and exploration of advanced techniques and high-level ideas. KIS art students collaborate with one another and engage with the wider arts community.

Students in costume on a brightly lit themed stage.


The KIS theater department believes theater is living and relevant, cultivating both and autonomy and cooperation necessary to productive creativity. KIS theater students engage with a practical and challenging curriculum to develop confident self-expression. The KIS theater department provides a safe space and unique learning opportunities for all students to shine.