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At KIS, we promote a safe, caring, and nurturing environment and community that supports the safety and well-being of each individual in our diverse school community.

We want our students to flourish. We want our students to know they are seen. We listen and respond to the unique perspectives of our students.

Our child-centered safeguarding policies and practices are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our core values also inform safeguarding at KIS as we are mindful that our present, positive actions nourish our students’ futures. We empower students to understand safeguarding practices and resources through age appropriate lessons. 

Safeguarding is a critical component of KIS accreditation and annual audit processes. Safe recruitment practices are followed to thoroughly screen potential employees. All KIS employees participate in safeguarding training throughout the school year. KIS expects employees, contracted service providers, families, and volunteers to follow established codes of conduct and to be vigilant to possible signs of harm to children, immediately reporting concerns to designated safeguarding staff members.