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What We Love About the Places We’ve Lived!


The KIS Families series shares stories from families in the school community. Meet the Robinsons who arrived in Korea in July 2020. 

Greg and Rongxia are diplomats on their fourth tour since 2012. Their daughters Vivian and Daniela attend KIS elementary school. Recently, the four of them looked through family photos of all the places they’ve lived before South Korea – Switzerland, Colombia, and Algeria. Each move between cultures prompts the family to see what is similar or different, and the Robinsons each carry important memories or lessons from these places. Here, the Robinson family shares their reflections in a video they created.

Click to watch!

The Robinson family is glad for technology that keeps them connected to friends from all over the world. They also appreciate the foriegn service community that helps them quickly settle a new home. At KIS they are glad for the welcome during this pandemic, and for teachers’ support as they navigated hybrid learning. The Robinsons hope all KIS families find a way to connect with others.