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Spring Art Show Celebrates Community

May 16, 2024


close up of high school girl drawing with pen


This spring the schoolwide art show centered on community. One high school art class developed unique projects to represent or interact with specific communities. 

“The community art project is a chance for students to apply their art knowledge and techniques to work celebrating communities they are proud to be a part of,” says high school art teacher Samantha Shamburek. Projects included digital illustration, animation, textile, collage, and painting. Each community art project tells you something about the artist and the community they value. 


close up of student glazing ceramic cutout of KIS

Danika is fascinated by world building. She decided to honor Korean culture by incorporating elements of Korean architecture into her digital illustrations. KJ wanted to show the internet as a city of diverse communities. He worked with digital illustration to show how individual expression can be quashed by AI, the algorithm, and corporate interest. Owen used fashion to show KIS community spirit. He painted Phoenix feathers on a jacket and jeans for KIS students to model in a photo shoot series. 

Two students chose to make art for their theater community. Sophie’s collage of old scripts reminds KIS cast and crew of the many productions they have been part of while Ayrebella celebrated their most recent performance with a Midsummer Night’s Dream collage. Ashley thought about how communities welcome new people. Her animations for French, English, and art classes are designed to tell prospective students a little about what they will learn in each class. 

The spring art show closed with a reception welcoming artists and their families to enjoy pieces from elementary and secondary artists – and to participate in collaborative art projects. What a creative community!