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OneKIS Tote Bags 


The Phoenix Store will soon carry tote bags featuring student designs celebrating KIS! At the start of the school year the PTO invited students to create art representing OneKIS. Eighty-seven K-12 students submitted designs!

Because this school year is different and students may miss the usual social routine of learning, the PTO hoped the bag design contest would be a way for students to connect with their KIS community. High school parent and Phoenix Store manager Wookyung Bae and other PTO members were pleased and surprised by how many students participated. “So many students have talent!” she says. Many of the pieces offer themes of community, friendship and pride in KIS. 

Last week the PTO announced first, second and third place winners. First place is shared by Raiya, grade nine, and Ejun, grade one. Raiya’s inspiration began with a word list to describe the school. Her design gives more space to ideas she considers most important to the KIS experience. Ejun started with his love of KIS mascot Philbert. “The heart represents the love we have,” he says, of the KIS community. The tote bags will feature both designs, one on each side.

Second place is awarded to Suyeon, grade eleven, and third place to Jayden, grade eight. Suyeon believes that one strength of KIS is the wide variety of educational and co-curricular opportunities students have here. “The integration of school activities makes the school OneKIS,” she says. Third place is awarded to Jayden, grade eight, whose chosen design is a simple line drawing of two shoes, the sole of one printed with OneKIS. His idea reflects the shoes students grow into during their years at KIS. Jayden believes art is important and finds the creative process liberating.

The OneKIS totes will be available in the Phoenix Store. All sales benefit KIS students as profits fund PTO scholarships and student events. 

High school parent and Phoenix Store manager Wookyung Bae contributed. Elementary parent Minji Kim also contributed.