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VEX Robotics at KIS: Coding, Collaboration, and Wins!


KIS VEX Robotics Team


VEX Robotics challenges middle and high school students to build, code, and control robots. KIS competed for several years in the national VEX Robotics competition, and in August 2022, KAIAC-affiliated schools came together to create the very first VEX Robotics league, which runs from October to February.


students participating in vex robotics competition


At a VEX Robotics competition, each team arrives with robots they modify to meet the competitive course challenge and the control driven robotics challenge. What makes a VEX Robotics competition unique is the randomization of teams. For example, a KIS player is paired with a player from another school and together they complete a challenge to earn points for their respective school teams. This randomization of teams tests players’ communication and collaboration skills: you have to work well with a variety of people to score points for your own team. The competition mirrors our need to share expertise as part of authentic problem solving. And after a challenge is an interview: teams must be able to talk about their design process and choices. Reflection is essential to learning. 


3 stuents with their robots at vex robotics tournament

On Friday, January 26, 22 teams from APIS, Chadwick, Dwight, KIS, SFS, and SIS competed at the VEX Robotics KAIAC finals. KIS represented with seven teams. Middle and high school teams competed against each other so it’s a special celebration that one of our middle school teams placed second – and one of our high school teams won the championship!


group photo of KIS students outside

KIS is proud of its VEX Robotics program. Middle School Science CJ Hopkins and High School Design Teacher Benny Aulton helped make the program a success. Congratulations to all KIS VEX Robotics teams on a fun, adventurous competition. Next stop: VEX Robotics national championships!