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Finding a Winning Aspiration

May 27, 2024



Korea International School celebrates 25 years next school year. We are proud of our growth and wonder what comes next. We are at a unique reflection point. Our change in leadership gives us new guidance. 


hand placing post-it note on large poster paper

This spring, School Director Cameron Fox invited faculty to join a design team to discover a winning aspiration. A winning aspiration is about who we want to be as a school. Knowing who we want to be establishes a deep, daily culture that helps us develop and implement successful strategies to meet our mission.


old white man presenting in front of white board

Through the end of this school year and into next, the design team welcomes your perspective. We want to share what we learn along the way – starting with the above voices telling about first steps. We’re excited to find our winning aspiration and live it at KIS!