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Design Your Impact Planned Action Celebrations



Design Your Impact (DYI) is an inquiry-based high school course that guides awareness of and response to different issues. The DYI enduring understanding is that it's important to be curious about, explore, and take actions on the issues of our world in order to become competent global citizens. DYI encourages students to think critically and creatively to meet a specific need in the local or global community. 

At the close of each semester, students present their research and planned actions to an audience. This semester students learned about homelessness in Korea, responsible consumption, and social-emotional support rising students need as they transition into high school. Planned actions include documentary filmmaking, upcycled art installation, and open community conversations. DYI teaches students the importance of making community connections, using available resources, and adapting to new needs or circumstances. The process is messy – resilience and reflection are essential!



Project mobility is also important. Because students choose issues they are passionate about they often continue to explore and evolve additional potential actions. 

At KIS we believe that action starts with awareness. DYI challenges students to consider their response to an issue. Because once you are aware of an issue, your response is what sparks change.