Korea International School (KIS) welcomes your interest in becoming a member of our outstanding faculty. We have skilled and dedicated faculty members who create learning pathways for students from around the globe.

At KIS we enjoy learning. We think each school day is an opportunity for fun and challenge as students engage with curricular content and extracurricular activities. We recognize our students are whole individuals with their own interests, ideas and hopes, and so our mission is to encourage each student to be more who they are, helping to identify and develop their strengths.

We believe a supportive environment is essential to learning as students grow and navigate campus relationships, teaching one another and learning together.

When we consider success, we count its many facets. As educators, we expect our students to excel as they can academically, and we encourage continued learning. Our variety of activities ensures students pursue additional talents too. But we also see the success of students practicing balance in their academic and personal lives, and navigating moral and ethical discussions now, all to prepare for their role beyond KIS.

KIS is now welcoming applications for the 2022-23 school year. Candidates interested in applying for positions at KIS must send a cover letter and updated CV to Michelle QuirinDaniel Kilback.

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The "Teachers as Humans" series pulls back the ... and reveals the character of the teacher at KIS. Access the full playlist below.

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