Student Initiated Applied Learning

Some of the best learning is experiential. A couple of years ago, two friends had an idea to create an online site for the KIS Phoenix Store. After several semesters of design and computer courses beginning in middle school, Justin and Platt, now seniors, were interested in how they might apply their knowledge. They started looking at their school in a new way. What question or problem could their skill set help answer

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A Writer’s Process: Middle School Perspective   

Starting a story is a challenge. And then you muddle through the middle. Finally you have to find a way to close the narrative. Middle school creative writers in Meaghan Odell’s class just revised their short fiction and gave in person reading to a small audience in the secondary library. Each student learned more about their own writing process and what it’s like to present their work.

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The Relevance of History

History is an eminently practical subject. It is an excellent way to learn logical thinking and argumentation. Working as a historian is a way to learn both about yourself and those around you: to really know someone is to know their history. And to be bonded or connected with another person is to have a “history” together.

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OneKIS Tote Bags

The Phoenix Store will soon carry tote bags featuring student designs celebrating KIS! At the start of the school year the PTO invited students to create art representing OneKIS. Eighty-seven K-12 students submitted designs!

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