Link Crew Welcome

Transitions are tough. At KIS, the Link Crew program structures a smooth move from middle school to high school. Grade ten, eleven, and twelve students mentor grade nine students through their first year in high school. Link leaders meet with grade nine advisory groups to create a community space foundational to the year ahead.

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Student Initiated Service at Korea International School

KIS values service. KIS core values – global citizenship, integrity, adaptability, balance in life, and empowerment – prepare students to respond to others with compassion. The school’s commitment to applied learning and service means that KIS students at each grade level use their knowledge and skills to help others. Justin and Alex knew they could develop a sustainable solution to the problem of recycling ice packs, with support from Mr. Samuelson and a faculty advisor.  

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Co-Teaching at KIS: It’s About More Than Just Two Teachers!

A few years ago, KIS student support teachers proposed co-teaching classes, a natural next step. Already, student support teachers worked with individual students and small groups to provide universal, targeted, and intensive support – running math and literacy labs or joining classes to better support students with learning support plans. These approaches continue to benefit students. But as classroom and student support teachers explored best practices, the idea of co-teaching came up. 

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Student Initiated Applied Learning

Some of the best learning is experiential. A couple of years ago, two friends had an idea to create an online site for the KIS Phoenix Store. After several semesters of design and computer courses beginning in middle school, Justin and Platt, now seniors, were interested in how they might apply their knowledge. They started looking at their school in a new way. What question or problem could their skill set help answer

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A Writer’s Process: Middle School Perspective   

Starting a story is a challenge. And then you muddle through the middle. Finally you have to find a way to close the narrative. Middle school creative writers in Meaghan Odell’s class just revised their short fiction and gave in person reading to a small audience in the secondary library. Each student learned more about their own writing process and what it’s like to present their work.

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The Relevance of History

History is an eminently practical subject. It is an excellent way to learn logical thinking and argumentation. Working as a historian is a way to learn both about yourself and those around you: to really know someone is to know their history. And to be bonded or connected with another person is to have a “history” together.

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OneKIS Tote Bags

The Phoenix Store will soon carry tote bags featuring student designs celebrating KIS! At the start of the school year the PTO invited students to create art representing OneKIS. Eighty-seven K-12 students submitted designs!

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Fun to Move Around!

All bodies need some movement but growing bodies crave movement. Walking, jumping, and running help muscles and bones develop and strengthen as children and adolescents grow. Restlessness or foot tapping or wiggling might be your body saying it’s time to get up and move for a little while.

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Embrassing Mistakes

Every mis-step, every miscalculation, every outright failure offered a valuable lesson that got me where I am today. I learned to always apply myself, set priorities, and not let strangers give me piercings. I wouldn’t have learned those things without going through those experiences. 

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Eat Healthy!

We all have heard that it’s important to eat a balanced diet, but what does that really mean? The foods and drinks we fuel our body with impacts our health and also affects how we interact with others, how we feel about ourselves, our energy, and our mood! For students especially, eating well supports focus and memory for successful school days.

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The Beauty of Sleep

While it was fun staying up late, I would feel sluggish and foggy in the mornings. I had a friend who was always full of energy, so one day I asked her, “How are you not tired?” This is when I discovered the wonders of sleep hygiene!

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Purpose in Service

Korea International School partners with Suji Love, a program in Suji-Gu dedicated to providing resources to families living in relative poverty. Usually students coordinate fall and spring drives that bring in thousands of non-perishable food items to help ensure families’ food security. 

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