General Information

Korea International School provides school bus service to help families with their children’s transportation. Bus routes cover most areas in Seoul including the southern area of Bundang. Parents and students should be aware of designated bus routes; especially pick-up and drop-off points.

Each bus stop is designated to optimize transportation time and our number of bus riders. Thus, we cannot comply with all individual needs. Each year routes change in order to accommodate the change in student population. Therefore, please check your bus route prior to making a final decision to use the bus service.

Students need to be on time at designated bus stops; bus drivers are not permitted to wait for late arrivals. If a student misses the bus, the parent will need to arrange transportation to school that day.

Your bus monitor will send sms text when your student did not board the morning bus. For urgent requests/inquiries, please call KIS bus dispatcher/coordinator at :

  • 031-789-0551 (Seoul: A1 – J)
  • 031-789-0552 (Gyeonggi : K – X)


Transportation Reference