General Information

Korea International School provides school bus service to help families with their children’s transportation. Bus routes cover most areas in Seoul including the southern area of Bundang. Parents and students should be aware of designated bus routes; especially pick-up and drop-off points.

Each bus stop is designated to optimize transportation time and our number of bus riders. Thus, we cannot comply with all individual needs. Each year routes change in order to accommodate the change in student population. Therefore, please check your bus route prior to making a final decision to use the bus service.

Students need to be on time at designated bus stops; bus drivers are not permitted to wait for late arrivals. If a student misses the bus, the parent will need to arrange transportation to school that day.

Your bus monitor will send sms text when your student did not board the morning bus. For urgent requests/inquiries, please call KIS bus dispatcher/coordinator at :

  • 031-789-0551 (Seoul: A1 – J)
  • 031-789-0552 (Gyeonggi : K – X)

Transportation Reference

School Transport Application

Hello Bus Application

Hello Bus Application Form

The Hello Bus tracking app is available for parents of KIS students. The app provides the following content:

  • Map location of designated bus
  • A push alarm telling when designated bus will arrive
  • Multiple bus route settings

The Hello Bus tutorial video below will guide you through the installation of the app and details the functions that the app offers. For further inquiries please connect with Hello Bus using the contact info below.

Hello Bus App Directions

Hello Bus Contact Information:
Telephone: 1661-7176

Busing Routes

School Bus Policy

KIS School Bus Policy

All students/parents are required to follow the below bus policy.

  • A student must sit in his/her designated seat and the seat belt must be worn at all times.
  • A student should respect bus monitor, driver, and other students.
  • No food (including beverages and chewing gum) is allowed on the bus.
  • A student must follow instructions by a bus monitor or driver for safety (to maintain a safe environment on the bus).
  • No dangerous materials (i.e., knives, sharp items, lighters, etc.) are allowed on the bus.
  • A student must keep his/her seat clean and is responsible for any damage to the bus.
  • A student is responsible for loss of his/her belongings on the bus. (i.e, backpacks, musical instruments, MacBook etc.)
  • MS and HS students are allowed to use the electronic equipment that follows school guidelines, (i.e, MacBook, iPad etc.) as long as they do not disturb other students on the bus.
  • A student must carry his/her ID cards to ride on the school bus and must tag his/her ID card on the terminal device to check in his/her ride.
  • KIS school bus can drop students off only at designated stops indicated on its route sheet.
  • A parent with PK to 2nd grade child must wait for his/her child at the bus stop in the afternoon (including After-school buses). If no parent is waiting at a stop in the afternoon, the bus will wait for the parent for one minute to follow the bus schedule. In this case, the student can be picked up at the last stop of the bus route or at the waiting area at KIS.
  • A parent with PK to 2nd grade child should inform the bus monitor, bus coordinator, or school secretary if their child is not planning to take school bus home. It is important as a school bus cannot depart before all bus riders are counted.
  • Guardian/Parent, whose child needs to get on a different bus, should submit ‘Bus Transfer Form’ before noon each day. (Please use the Google form on the KIS web site). The request may be rejected due to the availability of the seats in a bus and priorities will be given to the below student:
    • 1st: A student with regular-basis transfer history
    • 2nd: A student who is requesting the transfer one-time
    • 3rd: A student who did not ride on the requested bus after transfer request

Consequences for Violating KIS School Bus Policy

Those who fail to follow the school bus policy will be reported to a Building Principal. A student committing a violation, such as dangerous or inappropriate behaviors on the bus, will not be allowed to use the school bus service (with no refund for the suspended period.)

For violations of the rules:

  • First violation: Warning is issued.
  • Second violations: Two-day bus suspension
  • Third violations: Two-week bus suspension
  • Fourth violations: Two-month bus suspension
  • Fifth violations: One-semester bus suspension

한국외국인학교 (판교캠퍼스) 스쿨버스 운영정책

스쿨버스를 이용하는 모든 탑승자와 보호자는 아래 규칙을 지켜야 하며 이를 어길 경우 규정에 의해 처리됩니다.

[스쿨버스 이용 규정]

  • ž   탑승자는 반드시 지정된 좌석에 앉아야 하며 안전띠를 착용해야 합니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 버스기사와 스쿨버스 모니터 근무자를 존중하는 태도를 유지해야 합니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 버스 내에서 취식물을 섭취하거나, 껌을 씹어서는 안 됩니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 스쿨버스 모니터 근무자 또는 기사의 업무상 지시에 따라야 합니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 위험물 (흉기, 뾰족한 물건, 화재위험 물질 등)을 버스 내 반입할 수 없습니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 버스를 깨끗하게 이용해야 하며, 버스를 손상시킨 경우 보상해야 합니다.
  • ž    탑승자의 분실물 발생 시 책임은 본인에게 있습니다. (가방, 랩탑, 태블릿 PC, 악기 등)
  • ž   전자기기 이용은 중, 고등학생에 한하여 가능하며, 다른 사람에게 불편함을 줄 경우 이용을 제한할 수 있습니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 반드시 STUDENT ID 를 지참해야 하며, 탑승 여부 확인을 위해 탑승 시 아이디를 단말기에 태그해야 합니다.
  • ž   탑승자는 지정된 정류장 이외의 장소에서 버스에 승 하차할 수 없습니다.
  • 2 학년 이하 학생의 보호자는 학생의 등 하교 시 직접 픽업해야 합니다. 하차 정류장에 보호자가 없을 시 버스는 1 분 대기 후 출발하며, 보호자는 노선의 마지막 스탑이나, 교내 대기 장소에서 학생을 픽업해야 합니다.
  • 초등학생의 보호자는 탑승 학생이 하교 시 스쿨버스를 이용하지 않을 경우, 버스 모니터나 스쿨버스 담당직원, 또는 비서를 통해 내용을 전달해야 합니다. 스쿨버스는 초등 탑승자 확인 후 출발합니다.
  • 하교 시 버스 트랜스퍼 신청 시 당일 12 시 전까지 신청서를 제출해야 하며, 버스의 잔여 좌석이 없을 시 탑승이 불가합니다. 신청자의 우선순위는 아래와 같습니.
    • 1 순위 : 장기 고정 트랜스퍼
    • 2 순위 : One time 트랜스퍼
    • 3 순위 : 트랜스퍼를 신청했으나 이용하지 않은 기록이 있는 학생

[KIS 스쿨버스 이용 규정위반 시 방침]

스쿨버스 이용 규정을 어긴 경우 위반내용은 교장선생님에게 보고 되며, 지시에 따르지 않고 고의적으로 규칙을 어긴 경우 학교방침에 따라 스쿨버스 이용에 제약을 받을 수 있습니다. (탑승제약 기간 환불 시 탑승 기간에 반영되지 않습니다.)

  • 1회 위반: 경고
  • 2회 위반: 2 일 간 스쿨버스 이용제한
  • 3회 위반: 2 주 간 스쿨버스 이용제한
  • 4회 위반: 2 달 간 스쿨버스 이용제한
  • 5회 위반: 1 학기 동안 스쿨버스 이용자격 박탈

Busing Procedures

Requesting Bus Transportation

Prior to start of the school year, parents wishing bus transportation must complete the Application for Bus Transportation Form available from the Business office. Please refer to bus line options on the Bus Route link to determine which bus to request:

Completed form must be submitted to the Bus Coordinator in Business Office well in advance of need for bus service.

KIS buses follow main arteries only (i.e., streets having four or more lanes). Buses will not enter residential complexes. Students will be permitted to board and exit bus only at sites authorized according to the Bus Application Form.

Should student’s address change, or student need to change bus for some reason, parents need to notify the Bus Coordinator in writing prior to the need for a new pick-up or drof-off site. Parents need to submit the application form to transfer to a different bus.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

Students need to be on time at designated bus stop. Drivers are not permitted to wait for late arrivals. The Bus Coordinator will notify parents by text message regarding when a student must be waiting at the pick-up site. Should a student miss the bus, the parent will need to arrange a transportation to school that day. When students exit the bus upon arrival at school, students must proceed directly to the school playground area. Students must not remain in the driveway. On good weather days, students will remain outside the building until 07:55 am. In event of inclement weather, students will be directed by teachers to a dry location.

School buses will leave school promptly at 3:10 pm. On days when students participate in after school activities, buses will leave promptly at 5:20 pm. No ES students can ride the late bus. Should a student miss the bus departure, the parent will need to arrange the student’s transportation from school.

School Bus Expectations and Consequences

All students must adhere strictly to the following bus rules:

  • Students, unless otherwise instructed by the bus monitor or the driver, must sit in their assigned seats with their seat belts securely fastened at all times.
  • Students may not engage in any activity or behavior disruptive to the bus monitor, driver, or other passengers, and must respect and obey the bus monitor and the driver at all times.
  • Food, beverages, and chewing gum are NOT allowed on the bus.
  • Students need to follow additional rules determined necessary by the bus monitor or the driver for safety.
  • No dangerous materials (i.e., knives, sharp items, lighters, etc.) are allowed on the bus.
  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves and are responsible for any damage he/she causes to the bus.
  • Students are responsible for their belongings. (i.e., backpacks, musical instruments, Macbook, etc.)
  • Students are allowed to use the electronic equipment (i.e., Macbook, MP3, CD player etc.) as long as he/she does not disturb other students).

For more details, please refer to the School bus policy in our handbook.

A student will be dismissed from the bus service for any major infraction of the rules or when he/she is exhibiting unsafe behaviors on the bus. For minor infractions of the rules:

  • First Offense: Warning is issued.
  • Second Offense: Two-day suspension of bus privileges.
  • Third Offense: Two-week suspension of bus privileges.
  • Fourth Offense: Two-month suspension of bus privileges.

Musical Instrument Transportation

Follow the guidelines below for transporting large musical instruments or other valuables.

  • The following large instruments will be allowed to be transported on the school bus – cello, tuba, trombone, euphonium, baritone sax, tenor sax, or bass clarinet.
  • Instruments must be transported in hard cases.
  • The instruments may need to be placed in the cargo compartment of the bus if there is not enough room on the bus. This decision will be made by the bus driver.
  • Parents who approve transporting musical instruments must understand the inherent risks of loading, securing and unloading instruments and agree to hold Korea International School harmless if instruments are damaged because of accidental jostling, bumping, dropping or crushing of instruments. KIS will be held responsible for any cases in which school staff willfully or negligently damaged an instrument but not for accidental damage or student caused-damages.
  • Parent permission form for bus transportation of Large Musical Instruments should be submitted to the bus coordinator through a bus monitor or directly at least one day prior to the transport of the instrument. The form can be downloaded from the website.
  • KIS reserves the right to limit two large instruments per bus.

Large Item Transport Request