Dear Friends of KIS:

Thank you for visiting the Korea International School (KIS) website. KIS today stands at the forefront of international education in Korea. Our students represent the promise of what the youth of today bring to the future. This is a result of their KIS education, which emphasizes intellectual inquisitiveness, critical thinking, creative expression, physical well being, respect for others, and integrity in all things. We regard these qualities as the hallmarks of a KIS education and to fulfill our responsibility as educators hold our students to the highest standards of scholarship, personal development, and citizenship.

As we look to the years ahead, there are items on our agenda that we wish to pursue.

We want to ensure that our graduates gain admission to the finest, most selective universities in the world. To do that we will strive to continually raise our standards for admissions, for recruiting faculty and administration, and for student performance.

We believe that a diverse school environment is important for the socialization and young people and to ensure their success as global citizens. To that end we actively recruit students of a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, both at home and abroad, to join our student body.

We want our school to represent the best that Korea has to offer, but also that our students come to understand the world in which we live-socially, economically, culturally, and linguistically. We demand that our students reach out to the world, to learn about its peoples and its ways, and will continue to do so, and that they embrace an inclusionary rather than an exclusionary vision of humanity.

We will judge our success by the degree to which we accomplish these goals. Likewise, we ask that you, as a member of our broad education community, hold us accountable as we guide KIS on its course toward meeting its purpose and its destiny.

Yours sincerely,

Sunshik Min

Organizational Structure

Korea International School is a proprietary, not-for-profit, co-educational, college preparatory day school. The School Director is charged with overall responsibility for the management of the school by working as a member of the Executive Committee composing of Headmaster, Vice Headmaster, School Director, Business Director, and Business Administrator. Our Executive Committee meets regularly and reports to the Board of Trustees.  

The operations of the school are conducted under the guidance of the Administrative Management Team, which is comprised of the following administrators:

  • School Director
  • ES, MS, HS Principals
  • Business Director and Business Team Leads
  • Specialized Administrators (Principal of Teaching & Learning; Principal of Technology, Innovation, & Strategic Planning (HR); Associate Principals)

The Academic Leadership, which has the sole responsibility to carry out all academic initiatives of the school, consists of the School Director, Building  Principals, (Elementary, Middle, and High School),  Principal of Teaching & Learning; Principal of Technology, Innovation, & Strategic Planning; and Associate Principals.

The Business Office is managed by the Business Director who supervises the following functions: Accounting, Faculty Support Team (FST), Operations Support Team (OST), General Affairs (GA), Facilities (Security and Information Technology), Communication (Secretary, Admissions, Marketing).