At KIS we enjoy learning. We think each school day is an opportunity for fun and challenge as students engage with curricular content and extracurricular activities. We recognize our students are whole individuals with their own interests, ideas and hopes, and so our mission is to encourage each student to be more who they are, helping to identify and develop their strengths.

We believe a supportive environment is essential to learning as students grow and navigate campus relationships, teaching one another and learning together.

When we consider success, we count its many facets. As educators, we expect our students to excel as they can academically, and we encourage continued learning. Our variety of activities ensures students pursue additional talents too. But we also see the success of students practicing balance in their academic and personal lives, and navigating moral and ethical discussions now, all to prepare for their role beyond KIS.


Korea International School welcomed its first group of students in 2000, at our current Seoul campus. Our founder dreamed of preparing Korean and international students to pursue further education, laying the foundation for our future thinkers, innovators and leaders. During the school’s early years, the KIS board, administrators and educators considered the best course for our learners. We committed to applied learning and the development of a strong STEAM program. We created makerspaces, and developed transdisciplinary learning units to help learners make connections between content areas. In 2006 KIS opened the Pangyo campus housing elementary, middle and high school grades. In 2018, we celebrated our thousandth graduate.

Our commitment to innovation continues. We practice design thinking, taking our best ideas from past to present iterations. KIS responds to our learner community, providing excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities which empower learners and teach authenticity and adaptability. KIS applies learning within our school community, and is now developing service components for different courses. KIS features an experiential education (EE) program to take learning outside, inspiring some classes to extend outdoor education throughout the school year. Our learners continue to matriculate at top colleges and universities around the world.

Korea International School is proud of our history. When a school is founded, the first group of administrators, educators and learners are part of a daring venture. Nearly twenty years later, we choose to keep daring as we design our future.

Campus Life

A GREAT fit at KIS


Institutional Affiliations

KIS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an accreditation agency for public, independent, church-affiliated and proprietary schools in California, Hawaii and East Asia.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Every six years, KIS participates in a WASC self-study which focuses on our learning protocol and determines strengths and weaknesses of the school. This self-study informs a six-year action plan, supported by a mid cycle review.

KIS completed its most recent self-study in 2016 and aligned its action plan with the school's strategic objectives. In 2019, the school will participate in a mid cycle review to monitor progress and reaffirm growth goals the remainder of the six-year cycle.

KIS has received a full 6-year accreditation from the WASC accrediting commission, which accredits more than 4,900 schools and universities. This accreditation ensures KIS student diplomas, transcripts, and credits will be honored by colleges and universities worldwide.


East Asia Regional Council of Schools

KIS is one of over one hundred and fifty East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) member schools. Former KIS School Director Steve Cathers is an EARCOS Board of Trustees member serving as the Vice President this year.


World Leading Schools Association

KIS was the first international school in Korea to acquire World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) membership in 2006. WLSA events include student exchanges, conferences, internships, college admissions fairs and counselor professional development, and scholarships. 


Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference

KIS is a member of the Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference (KAIAC) which organizes a complete program of activities for international schools in Korea. KAIAC supports sport, art, and academic activities including cross country, cheerleading, swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, orchestra, band, choir, Model United Nations, and forensics.


Association of International Schools in Asia

As part of the Association of International Schools in Asia (AISA), KIS competes in different sporting events and encourages intercultural cooperation through and sport.  Member schools include:

  • International School of Busan (ISB)
  • Korea International School (KIS)
  • Senri an Osaka International Schools (SOIS)
  • Seoul International School (SIS)
  • Yokohama International School (YIS)

Our Friends Around The World

KIS partners with institutions that enhance our student’s global involvement. KIS works with these organizations to create opportunities for our students to develop cultural awareness, and understanding of complex issues.

Harvard University

KIS enjoys hosting Harvard students and has welcomed the Harvard Glee Club and the Harvard Radcliffe Pitches to perform concerts and lead workshops for KIS students. KIS is also proud that one of our juniors or seniors has been awarded the Harvard Prize Book each year since 2011.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Each year MIT students visit KIS to lead engineering workshops, partner with STEM classes, and mentor KIS students. Beginning in 2014, the program remains a winter favorite, offering MIT students the opportunity to share their knowledge, and KIS students the chance to explore STEM content and professions. 

Seoul National University

One of the top universities in Korea, SNU offers KIS social studies students a lecture series about Korea. Learning from field experts increases the depth of students’ knowledge and creates connections between their academic learning and where we live. SNU also invites KIS students to tour its campus and attend lectures.

Groton School

Groton School, Massachusetts, and KIS administration and teachers have a relationship of exchange and collaboration, visiting one another and developing curriculum. KIS students may transfer to Groton to gain overseas experience before university years, just as Groton students may transfer to KIS to experience Korea. 

St. Mark’s Academy

St. Mark’s Academy, near Boston, and KIS continue a partnership started in 2010 when St. Mark’s teachers visited KIS. Early visits from St. Mark’s faculty enriched KIS student learning, as KIS appreciates the participation and insight of guest teachers. More recently, KIS hosted St. Mark’s students for a cross-cultural exchange program.