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Our programs are built around a philosophy and commitment to applied learning.

At KIS our students apply what they learn - they transfer their knowledge and skills across subject areas as they work to solve real-world problems in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment.

We believe a supportive environment is essential to learning as students grow and navigate campus relationships, teaching one another, and learning together. We think each school day is an opportunity for fun and challenge as students engage with curricular content and extracurricular activities. We recognize our students are whole individuals with their own interests, ideas and hopes, and so our mission is to encourage each student to be more who they are, helping to identify and develop their strengths.


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Phoenix Stories

Our stories capture the culture at KIS. Here students, educators, administrators and parents share their KIS experiences. Get a sense of our learning community!

Fun to Move Around!

All bodies need some movement but growing bodies crave movement. Walking, jumping, and running help muscles and bones develop and strengthen as children and adolescents grow. Restlessness or foot tapping or wiggling might be your body saying it’s time to get up and move for a little while.

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Embrassing Mistakes

Every mis-step, every miscalculation, every outright failure offered a valuable lesson that got me where I am today. I learned to always apply myself, set priorities, and not let strangers give me piercings. I wouldn’t have learned those things without going through those experiences. 

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Eat Healthy!

We all have heard that it’s important to eat a balanced diet, but what does that really mean? The foods and drinks we fuel our body with impacts our health and also affects how we interact with others, how we feel about ourselves, our energy, and our mood! For students especially, eating well supports focus and memory for successful school days.

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