Korean Folk Village

Last week, the First Grade classes took a field trip to the Korean Folk Village as part of their third-trimester transdisciplinary unit, “Homes Around the World.”  As part of this unit, students are designing a home to meet the needs of a specific family. They need to take into consideration such things as the family’s: culture, favorite activities, location of the home, and number of children. Before they began to design their own homes, they took some time to observe different historic residences in Korea, and then they discussed reasons why those residences were designed that way.  And what better place to do that than the Korean Folk Village?!  

Just kilometers from the KIS campus, the Korean Folk Village was created in 1974 to preserve and showcase traditional homes, customs, and traditions that were all being swallowed up in the wake of rapid development. Some of the buildings in the Korean Folk Village are replicas of those from a bygone era. Others, like the homes from the Joseon Period (1392 – 1897), are real houses that were relocated to the Korean Folk Village site!

Students had a great time exploring the cultural village, as well as comparing traditional farming homes, a nobleman’s mansion, a governor’s estate, and other homes. They were also able to watch a traditional farmer’s dance and a horseback martial arts show!