Performances, Talent, and Charity: MS StuCo

The Middle School Student Council (MS StuCo) has had another busy month as we: hosted an all-school Assembly, performed our annual Talent Show (entitled “Produce KIS”), and completed a Charity Project.

As usual, our Assembly was the talk of KIS, with our pinpoint planning and amazing performances, including the Math Department’s final round of the “Math Olympics.” …Not to be outdone, our Talent Show was another huge hit! Our students performed admirably, and they were an inspiration to everyone watching. Some of our teachers got to display their singing skills, and I heard that Lorde Cory even made an appearance!

An important aspect of being a 21st Century school is providing authentic learning experiences that involve the local and global communities. So, in these past two months, the MS StuCo has been dedicated to service learning in Korea. What better way to fulfill KIS’ Core Values of Global Citizenship than to get involved in local charities? The MS StuCo was challenged with: choosing a charity close to their heart, researching about that charity, fundraising 100,000 Won to give, and volunteering at that charity for at least one hour. I was amazed with the MS StuCo’s personal experiences and positive contributions to making Korea a better place. They blew away my expectations, and once again showed that they are true leaders.