In Our Own Backyard

KIS Phoenix theatre presents….
“In Our Own Backyard”

Thursday, November 9th, @6pm
Friday, November 10th @6pm
Saturday, November 11th @6pm


Taking place in a typical American High School, In Our Own Backyard confronts many of the troubles facing students today. As the show progresses, we see these relatable characters traverse through emotions of profound loss, physical abuse, bullying and the obstacles of being a teenager in today’s world. In what appears to be a normal high school, we go on an emotional journey through a tragic turn of events— showing that sometimes unfortunate events can happen In Our Own Backyard.

“With the onset of social media, bullying has risen to new levels of intensity and this intensity can sometimes lead to horrific acts of violence. Shedding light on the consequences of these violent acts and where the violence stems from was my purpose in writing this play. Youth theatre is powerful. And, I believe, it is important to channel that power to educate, inspire and create a dialogue on the “not so simple” subjects that our youth are facing today.” ~ From the Author, Rachel Lopez
“A beautiful yet heart-wrenching story about the painful psychological effects, and subsequent consequences, of intense bullying using amazingly true-to-life characters who we all know and to whom we can all relate.” ~ Kathy Dietz, Director/Actor West Lafayette, IN
“In Our Own Backyard is more than a play, it is a thought-provoking and heartwarming experience that stays with you long after the final curtain call. The performance is truly a call to action, encouraging those in attendance to reflect on their own encounters with bullying and bring awareness to an often silent and isolating epidemic.” ~  Jo Harvey Weatherford – Prevention Coordinator for Student Conduct at University Nevada, Reno

** In Our Own Backyard is advised for students ages 13 and up.**