2016-17 MIT Seminar for KIS MS and HS students


Korea International School offered a week – long science seminar taught by eight advanced MIT students beginning Monday, January 2 and continuing through Saturday, January 7. 2016-17 MIT Seminar Description There were 4 total, 3 for High School students, and 1 for the Middle School students. 81 students total. Workshop 1 : Lead by Slava Kim and Edward Park. 24 students total. In this workshop the students used Arduino minicomputers to guide remote controlled boats that they build themselves out…

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IVY League College Seminar


하버드대학 한인 유학생회에서는 Korea International School과 함께 하버드대학을 비롯한 IVY League 대학 입학의 성공적인 준비 방법에 대해 사례 발표와 Q&A를 위주로 한 세미나를 개최합니다.   일 시: 2016년 7월 23일 토요일 오후 1시~3시 장소: 한국외국인학교 Performing Art Center (경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 385번길 27) 문의: 031-789-0518,0502 자세한 사항은 첨부 문서를 참조해 주시기 바랍니다. IVY League College Seminar   “Harvard College Korean International Student Association” is opening a Q/A type seminar on successful ways for…

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