KIS Apple Product Purchase and A/S Instructions

As a student of KIS you are recommended to purchase an iPad or Macbook depending on your grade level.

  • 3rd ~ 5th grade : iPad
  • 6th ~ 12th grade : Macbook

KIS leaders, faculty, and the extended community have a clear vision that articulates how our technology-rich environment supports our goals for learning. School leaders have established elements for continuous innovation to support our school’s vision, including culture, team, capacity, community, finance, and measurement. They understand that continuous innovation is an ongoing process that requires thoughtful planning, practice, and iteration along the way.

Because our school’s technology-rich environment supports the innovative use of Apple products, faculty and students have opportunities to enrich their learning and teaching experiences in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

From the beginning January 2019, KIS IT office will no longer offer the Mac Help Desk service, which includes purchasing, and hardware repairs. Since the official Apple store has launched in Korea early this year, we have decided to give our students wider variety of options in purchasing and repairing their laptops rather than having to come to us to buy or repair your own machines. We still offer software troubleshooting and Loaner services.page1image27716672

We are also planning a joint purchase program every summer to give an opportunity to students to purchase devices at a cheaper price. Recommended products for KIS students in classes are:

  • 3rd ~ 5th grade : iPads above iPad 4 model and at least 256 GB.
  • 6th ~ 12th grade : Macbook (any) above 2015 model and at least 256 GB.

Please see this attachment for information regarding repairs and servicing.