2016-17 MIT Seminar for KIS MS and HS students

Korea International School offered a week – long science seminar taught by eight advanced MIT students beginning Monday, January 2 and continuing through Saturday, January 7.

2016-17 MIT Seminar Description


There were 4 total, 3 for High School students, and 1 for the Middle School students. 81 students total.

Workshop 1 : Lead by Slava Kim and Edward Park. 24 students total. In this workshop the students used Arduino minicomputers to guide remote controlled boats that they build themselves out of wood, plastic, and other materials. The boats used motors and propellers for power.

Workshop 2 : Engineering Robotics Systems Raul Boquin and Mingshi Yang. 27 students total. In this workshop the students created remote controlled water snakes, using arduino minicomputers, wifi, motors, waterproof gears and motors and many other mechanical engineering principles.

Workshop 3 : Robotics Design & Coding Henery Aspergren and Candice Fan. 12 students total. In this workshop the students used an iRobot platform and Raspberry Pi minicomputers to create remote controlled rumba bots that they guided through a maze, and around obstacles. Students learned to code in Python for the workshop as well.

Workshop 4 : Energy&Physics Ka-Yen Yau and Brandon Koo. 18 students total. In this workshops students learned the basic principles of physics and performed a number of kinetic experiments before constructing Rube Goldberg Machines in class. These devices use physics, motion and interaction to accomplish a simple task in a very complex way.